Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thursday’s Thought Piece

When Thursday comes, so does our Thursday Thought Piece. Mr ingleby looks at a story that might either be on the front page of the news, or has tried to slip by unnoticed. The thing that brings all these articles, is everyone under Mr Ingleby’s microscope have done something that will make you want to bang your head against the table repeatedly.

Will Trump pardon convicted former advisor Roger Stone? Thursday’s Think Piece

Long-time Republican schemer and self-described “dirty trickster”, Roger Stone, was sentenced this afternoon to more than three years in prison for lying under oath...

Moderate Democrats panic as Bernie Sanders’ momentum grows – Thursday’s Think Piece

After impressive performances in the first two contests to decide who will face Trump in this year’s presidential election, Bernie Sanders is now the...

Trump attacks rebel Republican Romney after he voted “Guilty” – Thursday’s Think Piece

Speaking from the National Prayer Breakfast, Donald Trump found time to admonish those who unsuccessfully voted to convict him of abuse of power last...

White House desperate to block incriminating Bolton book before trial – Thursday’s Think Piece

White House representatives have released an official statement warning John Bolton, former National Security Advisor to the President, not to publish his upcoming book,...

Bezos lashes out at Saudi Prince on twitter for hacking his phone

The heir to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - known widely as MBS - has been accused by Jeff...