Thursday’s Thought Piece

When Thursday comes, so does our Thursday Thought Piece. Mr ingleby looks at a story that might either be on the front page of the news, or has tried to slip by unnoticed. The thing that brings all these articles, is everyone under Mr Ingleby’s microscope have done something that will make you want to bang your head against the table repeatedly.

trump justifies abandoning Kurds in syria as they ‘did not help us in normandy.

In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at Trump’s recent change of policy by abandoning the Kurdish forces fighting ISIS. The move has opened the way for Turkish forces to invade Kurdish land currently owned by Syria which could have major repercussions.

Trump’s nickleback hides a sinister strategy

In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at Donald Trump’s decision to post a Nickleback meme on twitter. Although this may seem like typical Donald Trump, Mr Ingleby asks is the President using this to distract from the upcoming impeachment enquiry against him.

Boris Johnson is a national disgrace for defending dangerous rhetoric

In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at Boris Johnson’s comments about his rhetoric in this article. When Mr Boris Johnson replied to a fellow MP who had received death threats against her and her family using the same type of language Boris Johnson uses in Parliament, his response certainly captured the front pages in Britain.

Trudeau’s blackface scandal exposes the casual racism on both sides of the political spectrum

In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at photos that have emerged of the Canadian Prime Minister dressed in black face. With an election looming in Canada, will these images effect him in the polls?

“Sharpiegate” – Did Trump alter an official weather chart with a marker pen?

In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at Donald Trump’s comments about incoming hurricanes. Hurricanes in America are not too uncommon, but one of this size has the President preparing for the worst, but in some unusual methods to do deal with the situation, going as far to say that nuclear weapons may be needed to solve the problem.


In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at the Speaker of the House’s comments on Boris Johnson. Many in Britian see John Bercow as one of the final politicians in Parliament with which they can hold faith in. Do these comments change that?

Trump cancels visit to Denmark after attempting to buy Greenland

In this article, Mr Ingleby looked at President Donald Trump’s proposal to buy Greenland from Denmark. As you may of expected, this idea didn’t go down well with the public in Denmark.