Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sunday's Debate

Sunday’s Debate is the crown jewell of POI. This is where 3 editors clash to decide which direction the UK government and more should do when faced with the biggest questions the public and MP’s themselves have to answer. Readers can clearly see three opinions and then the problems with each argument are then pointed out for them to so they can choose for themselves what Britain should do, or they can comment and take on our editors first hand.

Is the Lords system broken or is it fine the way it is?

The legislative branch of the British government is a bicameral system. This is comprised of the House of Commons and the House of Lords....

Should the fox hunting ban continue or should it be reviewed? Sundays Debate

Fox hunting has taken place in the UK since the late 1600s. The hunting season traditionally runs from November to March and involves the...

Should celebrities get involved with politics? Sunday’s debate

During the 2019 UK General Election, rapper Stormzy shared a lengthy Instagram post pledging his support to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. The...

Should America and the UK finally stand up to Saudi Arabia? – Sunday’s Debate

Saudi Arabia is a significant trading partner in both the UK and the US. In 2017, Britain earned a £1.8 bn surplus from the...

Can we solve the cost of university tuition? Sunday’s debate

This week, the Point of Information editors will be debating the issue of tuition fees that are in higher education institutions across the UK. Tuition...