New Labour Editor Jack Walton


We are expanding again here at Point of Information and are really excited to bring you a new Labour Editor. Jack Walton is joining our editing team and you will be able to read his first article very shortly. Read more about Jack in his bio below.

Jack Walton, Labour Editor 

My beliefs in libertarian socialism were adopted gradually. Since a child I was immersed in the language of social justice and liberal politics from my membership of a progressive Jewish youth movement. From attending summer camps my beliefs were guided by the Jewish concept of ‘Tikun Olam’ (repairing the world), which resulted in my political beliefs being entwined with the religious education I’d received.

I had always held left-liberal values, but It wasn’t until the last year of Sixth Form that I began to appreciate the division between liberalism and socialism. I’d studied American Politics in my final year during the 2016 Presidential Election, and it was through following the meteoric rise of the monster that is Donald Trump which radicalised me. I began to see Donald Trump as less of an aberration and more of a logical continuation of a state that was founded through settler colonialism that had ‘never been great’ in its history. Through watching Chomsky lectures and reading more about Anarchism I began to see the necessity of a radical transformation in our current way of life to not only bring about social justice but to rise to the urgent threat of climate change.

Recently I have become inspired and influenced by radical, working class Jewish history and groups such as the Labour Bund, which I see as a case study in how the particular experience of one national group can bring out universal values and compassion for the oppressed. I am currently in second year studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics and I’ll be writing from a Socialist perspective if you hadn’t already gathered that!

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