Our new team is completed with our new Labour Editor

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With our new editors article about to be published, Point of Information would like to welcome Evan Saunders as the final part of the jigsaw to our new team. We can’t wait to see what our new Labour editor brings to POI and look forward to reading his views in the Wednesday article very shortly! Before reading his new article, give him a follow on Twitter. Read all about Evan in his bio below.

Labour Editor, Evan Saunders

I’m a third year University of Manchester student, currently studying in Lyon on my Erasmus year (by sheer coincidence I’m writing this hours after parliament has voted to end British involvement in the 30 year programme, so just to be on the safe side I promise not to use the NHS/European Declaration of Human Rights/anything at all anytime soon).

Learning about other’s journeys into politics has really put mine into perspective. I realised there was absolutely nothing concrete that propelled me in this direction – no letter to a Prime Minister, no chance encounter with a personal hero, nothing. Instead, my interest and involvement in politics has been something of a slow and winding road. I gradually found myself immersed deeper and deeper into different activities like a desperate seven year old trying to get their next Kellogg’s Swimming Badge.

This immersion has brought clarity and confusion in equal measure. It’s much harder to see the world in the same black and white way I did when I was younger, but also with the benefit of a little experience much easier to pinpoint exactly what does excite me, enrage me and ultimately enthral me about this area of all our lives.

I’ll be writing from a left-wing socialist perspective and I’m really excited for you to join our debate – here’s hoping what I have to say will give you pause for thought. If only to ask why on earth that tiger was the mascot for a swimming badge – they could have at least chosen an aquatic animal? Fuming. This is the stuff that keeps me up at night. 

Pronouns: He/him

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