A new Conservative Editor joining our new team


Point of Information is proud to announce that Fletcher Kipps is joining our group of Conservative editors and will be involved with our new group of writers. We can’t wait to see what exciting debates he brings to POI. Read all about Fletcher below.

Conservative Editor, Fletcher Kipps

I am a second year undergraduate currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter. I have had a passion for Politics since I can remember. This can be through PMQs or staying up through the night to watch every election result.

Though I am a strong believer in that you make your own luck most of the time, I have been fortunate in terms of the opportunities that I have been given in Politics. Brief but an insightful work experience with Amber Rudd, home secretary and my constituency MP at the time, really brought my enthusiasm to life and encouraged me to consider a career in politics as I grow older.

Unlike most of my fellow students and POI editors, I am a Brexiteer. This was my position at the time of the referendum, in which I was too young to vote, and this position has only hardened since. I believe above everything that the key to our society is a strong democracy and without it there is little left in terms of good debate within our country.

Being a Conservative was something I came to discover as I dived deeper into politics. However, to be brutally honest is not the easiest position to take as a young person, especially online. This is the main reason that I have decided to become an editor with POI, is to have a reasoned debate in order to inform others. I would like this to give me an outlet to express my views, something that I feel I have never previously had.

In terms of the political spectrum I see myself as towards the centre right of the Conservative party, however the country must come before personal politics. Therefore, I do in every case consider the current political climate before making a judgement on issues. Although I am filled with excitement as to what the future holds under a Johnson government, I hope that he will lean towards being a more one-nation Tory prime minister in order to reunite a broken country.


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