Olivia Margaroli is another new editor joining POI and the Liberal team

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Olivia completes our new team; Eleanor Roberts, Daniel Orchard and now Olivia Margaroli. Olivia adds a bit more flavour to the Liberal team. Instead of Mr Anderson’s obsession with foreign policy and economics, Olivia will add an extra dimension to the typical Liberals that POI has been missing. We can’t wait to read her articles as she joins Eleanor and Daniel as our new POI team writing articles for you to enjoy midweek morning.

Read more about Olivia in her bio below or follow her on twitter @OMargaroli

I am second year student reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter. Next year I hope to study abroad in Washington DC, a dream for any political student.

My interest in politics mainly came from a place of both admiration and dissatisfaction (quite often I have those feeling for the same individuals!). I have never ceased to admire the confidence that exudes from many successful politicians, both confidence in what they are saying and confidence in their (or more often, their parties) ability to ‘pull this offer’. My dissatisfaction has grown from that same seed. This confidence seemingly doesn’t translate into action, or at least not action in the ways they promised to do so.

The second, and probably deeper part of my dissatisfaction comes from the policies which are put forward by parties. More often than not, policies are manifested to please the polity in the short run, and retain, or boost votes. Nonetheless, these short run gains are short-lived, and what benefits the policies create now will lead to major shortcomings in the future. That is why I place myself in the liberal free-marketeer political domain. It is an area I feel is not truly represented in the current political situation, but one which I hope to see regaining strength.

Politics as a career was an area I was interested in, but it wasn’t until I was around 17 that I thought it may be an area which I could see myself thriving and achieving my life’s goal, which, forgive the Liberal cliché, is that I want to ‘change the world’. For a long time I could not see how this goal could be achieved. After all, whatever part of the political spectrum you are on, we can all agree that a lot in the world could be changed to make it better. So I found myself in a period of existential crisis, what part of this shall I try and fix. To the shock of everyone around me, from the tender age of 16 I have been hooked on everything drug policy. An article I read in The Economist presented a very simple, yet, for me, life changing argument for the legalisation of cannabis. In case it wasn’t already clear, I support a complete reform on drug policies. I strongly believe that this is an area of politics we will look back on and think ‘how could we ever have thought that was a good idea’. Prohibition is truly one of the most globally damaging policies that exists, and one which I hope in our life time we will at least start to see being reversed.

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