Another editor joining POI – Conservative, Eleanor Roberts


Our Chief conservative editor Jack Kane is being joined by Eleanor Roberts. A new debating team is forming to give you more articles from POI with different ideological backgrounds. We are excited to have so many new editors joining us here at POI, not to mention a great writer like Eleanor. With the Conservative party changing so much, we can’t wait to see what Eleanor writes.

Learn more about Eleanor below and follow her on twitter @eleanor65285618 :

Hello! I am currently in my second year of studying International Relations at the University of Exeter.  I have always been fascinated by debating topics such as human trafficking, death penalty and nuclear war, and am excited to be part of this platform, giving my unfiltered opinion on the variety of topics featured on POI.

In my degree of International Relations, I examine the role of states, international alliances, and multinational companies in an increasingly globalised world. During my studies I have found myself gravitating more towards American politics as opposed to British, as I find it significantly more interesting than Boris and Brexit!

Politically I would describe myself as an liberal conservative.  However, since the increasing polarisation within political ideology, society would likely consider me more conservative than liberal. Visiting America during the 2016 election, I witnessed first-hand the hostility between the two parties. This political landscape is now being replicated around the world, causing tension, especially within elections. Although these seem like scary times, I believe this period of political disruption is inevitable, as well as really exciting to write about!

Despite the controversial presidency of Trump, I am fascinated by his global political impact and  lack of diplomacy. I have come to the conclusion that the governments who achieve the most for their countries are almost always unpopular within society and the media. I believe we need leaders who are less concerned with approval and image, and more concerned with actual economic progress and security.

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