The first of many new editors in the coming weeks


POI are excited to announce the first new editor to join our team. POI has grown in readership at an unbelievable rate, and Emer Kelly is the first of many new editors contributing to our page.

Miss Kelly will be writing all the introductions to our pieces, which will allow our readership to have a small introduction before diving head first into our heated debates.

But Miss Kelly is not the only one joining our team. Keep your eyes out for new editors dropping throughout this week and for more information for a whole new team starting so we can bring you more debates to read about! First, read the bio of our new editor, Miss Emer Kelly:

Hello. I am very excited to start working for POI and for you to read my introductions in the coming weeks.

I am currently in my second year at the University of Exeter studying Politics.

It was as a young child going to visit my family in Northern Ireland that I unknowingly had my first interactions with politics. One only has to glimpse at parts of Derry to observe countless murals, memorials and streets strewn with flags of the Republic of Ireland or Union Jacks to garner just how divided a society Northern Ireland is. From a young age I became fascinated with the history of the region and strove to understand how such a small corner of Europe is one of the most divided places on the continent and has such a turbulent history. For me, Northern Ireland embodies the visceral power of politics, proving the drastic effects decisions made by those in parliaments can have on communities.

When it comes to my political stance, I have always labelled myself as a Conservative with a small c. My stance as a Conservative was cemented by the Cameron leadership, who I feel exemplified the conservative principles I align myself with and pushed the party towards the centre through modernisation. Whilst I agree with the fundamentals of conservatism, I have been unable to conclusively affiliate myself with the party since the 2016 referendum. I tend to place my faith in leaders over parties themselves, thus recent decisions have left me hesitant to back the party. The current Johnson leadership furthers my scepticism, as under Johnson I feel the party is shifting further and further to the right which is something I am extremely wary of. I am also a staunch remainer.

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